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General MMORPG links.

Lum the Mad - I want to be him when I grow up. Definitely the best rant/news site around.

The Stratics Network - Has sites covering most games, including many which don't quite exist yet.

The Vault Network - Much like Stratics, with a number of inner sites supporting all current major MMORPGS.

The Crossroads Network - Not a homage to the classic British soap opera, but sadly another monolithic games network with content similar to the previous two sites.

Multiplayer Online Games Directory - features an extensive categorized listing of online multiplayer games, daily news, reviews, and interviews.

UO links

Tradespot - Probably the best UO trading board. The one I use, at any rate.

Siege Perilous Resource Center - Packed with info for those who dare the most challenging shard.

EQ links

EverLore - An extremely good Everquest news site. My first stop for information on zones, quests, and items.

Casters Realm - A very good site, concentrating on the pure caster classes, but with plenty of interest to any class. Also covers Shadowbane.

EQUK - A site for British Everquesters, with lively community.

AC links

Maggie the Jackcat - An wonderful site packed with information vital to every AC newbie.

Asheron's Lore - "Tales of glory, maps, spells, and much more are here for your use.". Sounds good to me.

Friends of the Ark - A rather subversive corner of the internet run by my pal, Replicant.

dfnet, the .net readers' sites network

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